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Mon Apr 3 02:48:59 EST 1995

We are the International Mycological Institute nowadays. (This is because 
our parent company, CAB International, is a treaty level International 
organisation with an intergovernmental governing board, not restricted to 
members of the British Commonwealth).

At present most of our databases are not available for dial-in access, with 
the exception of our Culture Collection catalogue via the Microbial Strain 
Data Network (ask MSDN at PHX.CAM.AC.UK).  However, CAB International is 
planning a WWW page in the near future and IMI will be part of that. 
 Meanwhile, what information are you wanting to access?  Maybe we can help 

For info, please note that we have a new address:
International Mycological Institute
Bakeham Lane
Egham, Surrey
TW20 9TY
Phone: (01784) 470111
FAX: (01784) 470909
Email:  IMI at CABI.ORG

You can reach particular IMI mycologists here via email by taking their 1st 
initial, a dot, their surname, followed by @CABI.ORG.  The same goes for our 
plant pathology, industrial, biochemical, bacteriological and food mycology 
staff.  If you want information on CABI databases, such as CAB Abstracts, 

Let me know what you are looking for and I'll try to help out.  Please 
include your email address as part of the text of your message, otherwise it 
just comes through as "BIOSCI-REQUEST".

Dave Brayford, IMI
d.brayford at

To: mycology
Subject: CMI
Date: 02 April 1995 6:10

I would like to know to acces the Commonwealth Mycological Institute
databases.Please send the information to my E_mail

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