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Mon Apr 3 17:59:10 EST 1995

In article <9503301956.AA12716 at>, mh at SUNBLOCK.PGH.WEC.COM (Mike Hoffelder) says:
>Ken Sanderson <ksanders at> wrote:
>>   ..... What is the best way to get rid of the worms
>>   I find in even the youngest morel?
>What kind of worms do you find in morels?!?!
>I have been gathering morels for 25 years,
>and have found very few pests inhabiting morels.
>I have found only a couple of slugs and a few 
>wood lice in my whole 25 year morel experience.

The worms I find are small white ones approx  5-10 mm long (1/4 inch).  
I have found them in abundance in almost all morels I find here (northern
Alberta, Canada) even very small ones.  It has somewhat ruined the idea of
eating them.

Ken Sanderson

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