Help with Boletus retipes? ornatipes?

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At 07:27 PM 4/10/95 GMT, Ken Harrison wrote:
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>>  Hello...I'm new at searching for information via computer and not
>>really sure if I'm in the correct address for asking guestions.
>>However, if there is any way I can get  some info regarding the
>>edibility of "BOLETUS RETIPES" it would be appreciated.A field guide
>>describes it as a variety of "BOLETES ORNATIPES" or "GOLDSTALK".
>>Thank you for any info that may be available.........Frank
>>                          Lombardi at
>The following are quotes from the Boletus ornatipes description in Nova 
>Scotian Boletes by D.W. Grund and K.A. Harrison (p. 78 & 79) published by 
>J. Cramer in 1976 as Band 47 in their Bibliotheca Mycologica series:
>"Observations: We agree with Smith and Thiers (p. 330, 1971) that B. 
>ornatipes is not a synonym of B. retipes (Berk. & Curt.) Sing. There are 
>differences in macrochemical reactions. Singer (p.10, 1947) used a 
>"beautiful yellow" reaction of the pileus to KOH as a specific character 
>for the identification of B. retipes and used it again in the key to this 
>species on p.35 (loc. cit.). He placed B. ornatipes (p.9, loc. cit.) in 
>synonymy with B. retipes, but apparently never checked for this reaction 
>on the northern forms of this complex. B. ornatipes in Nova Scotia does 
>not have this reaction to KOH ...."
>"Edibility: Here is a case of confused identities. Snell and Dick report 
>B. retipes as edible and of good flavor, but as B. retipes is a southern 
>species it seems highly probable that Snell and Dick have reported on B. 
>ornatipes. It is strongly recommended that anyone wishing to eat this 
>common bolete should use the normal precautions. The taste can be 
>distinctly bitter."
>Hope this is of some help.
>KHarrison at
>In France we collect the King Boletus wich is a gourmet mushroom.
>Heree in the states I found some nices specimenes in the High Sierra
>during fall. They were under pines in cool and shady places.
> My family and myself we cook them in a big fryer with garlic and 
> parsley and this was delicious.Be carefull because soe are not edible
> and have not a good taste.

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