BC morels

pklym pklym at griffin.multimedia.edu
Tue Apr 11 17:15:49 EST 1995

I saw some fresh morels for sale at the Granville Island Market this past   
weekend (Apr.8th). They were 1-2" tall, solid medium-brown in color with   
whitish stalks, and looked very fresh. The vendor said they came from the   
Vancouver Lower Mainland area, NOT Vancouver Island. 
As I am totally new to Vancouver, I was wondering if anyone could tell me   
if morels can be found in or around the city (or as close as possible).   
If so, when and where ??? Naturally, I'm not after anyone's secret patch,   
but would just like some general guidance. I'm just looking for some to   
eat and am not a commercial picker. 
Any assitance would be greatly appreciated. 
Thanks,       Paul

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