Reishi mushrooms on conifer sawdust?

Lindsey W. Colby at591 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Thu Apr 13 18:44:22 EST 1995

	Would anyone out there happen to know if reishi
	(Ganoderma lucidum) can be grown on supplimented
	conifer sawdust?  I understand the closly related
	G. tsugae is usually found on conifers, but not
	so G. lucidum...

	Stamets reports that Reishi can be grown on a
	"wide variety of soft-wood and hard-wood sawdust",
	but no mention of straight soft-wood sawdust and chips.

	I'm thinking of doing a small scale Reishi project,
	but the only industrial wastes up here in the great
	white north (Maine) seem to be generated from pines
	and such...

	On a related note....does anyone know of a machine
	that is designed to generate coarse sawdust from bulk
	wood?   I'm thinking of some sort of chipper/shredder
	that you feed a log into one end and out the other
	comes an endless supply of sawdust!

	Thanks for your help...

	Lindsey Colby
	Bio dept, Colby College
	Waterville, Maine
	lwcolby at

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