Shittake Mushrooms

KELVIN DUNCAN zool029 at
Tue Apr 18 03:31:12 EST 1995

In article <3ms93o$952 at>, afn02436 at (David H. Thomas) writes:
> I am just a farmer interested in Shittake Mushrooms. Can someone explain 
> the procedures for growing them, and explain what Mycillium is? A source 
> of spores, possibly in the Florida area, would be appreciated!

Shiitake are great fun and are tremndous food but they are not easy to grow,
especially in warmer climates such as Floridas.
I would strongly recommend that you attend a course, such as those run by
Stamets in Oregon or Bill Chalmers in Vancouver.  There may be training courses
in your area.  Your local FDA can help with advice.  Or look up recent issues
of one of the trade journals dealing with musrooms (Mushroom World is good).

I could write a book on how to grow Shiitake (it would be mainly how NOT to
grow Shiitake), but Stammets' recent one is very good.  If you cant find it I
will contact you again.  Just email me: K.duncan at

I have used many substrates - you need good clean hardwood sawdust or hardwood
logs.  A contaminant-free location is extremely important.
You purchase spawn from a supplier (or grow your own) and use that to spawn 
your medium (sawdust plus 20% bran/pollard/rice bran/old tea leaves plus some
lime or gypsum and anything else that bitter experience tells you you need!)

The techniques of cultivation are highly skilled and technical.  That's why you
should go on a course.

I am writing this at home.  If you want further info please contact me and I
will give you full references from my lab.
Very best wishes,


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