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On 18 Apr 1995 11:42:22 -0700, 
prdhaas at HUGO.FSUFAY.EDU  <prdhaas at HUGO.FSUFAY.EDU> wrote:

>Can anyone give me the name for the yellow spored rust that uses Loblolly
>pine and oak trees for a host? Any other info concerning the beastie would
>be appreciated.  eg. Does it affect all oak species?  What growth substances
>does it produce to cause additional wood to be produced in the Pine? How
>common is it?  etc...........
>Thanks in advance
>Dave Haas
>Fayetteville State University
>Fayetteville, nc  28301
>dhaas at
One of the experts in that rust is in your state, which should make it 
fairly easy for you to make contact and get up-to-date answers to your 
answers. He is Henry Amerson, in the botany department at North Carolina 
St. University. 
If you - or anyone else in this group - has any questions on cereal rusts 
or on taxonomy, distribution, etc., of any rust in general, I (we) can try 
to help.

John W. McCain
Cereal Rust Laboratory, USDA-ARS
1551 Lindig St.
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55108

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