Morchella esculenta; Central Massachusetts

Island taykra at
Wed Apr 26 13:19:13 EST 1995

Does anyone have any indicators for Morels (preferably M. esculenta) 
in Central Mass. area.  Time range?  What else is blooming or doing at
morel time?  eco-niche types?  

Also, I _still_ have some dried M. esculenta from several years ago. 
This is perhaps a far fetched idea, but I want to try to grow morels.  
I have prepared what I think will be a good site (sun/pt shade; 
grassy-ish; limey-ashy sweet;) Assuming there might be some spores left 
on the samples I have, does anyone know how I might go about trying to 
propagate?  Does the mycelium need wood? I am -patient- and willing to 
read material to figure this out. 

To anyone who responds with useful info, I will provide you with a very 
good recipe for Cream of Morel Soup (richly flavorful).

Also:  Any mycological groups in Central Mass Area?  Any natural history 
people?  (flora, fauna, geol., bird watchers, etc.) 

Island  (taykra at

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