LAMS Spore Print Electronic Edition now available!

Steve Pencall spencal at
Wed Apr 26 21:44:01 EST 1995

Subject: LAMS Spore Print Electronic Edition now available!

TO: Newsletter editors and other interested parties

The Electronic Edition of The Spore Print, Journal of the Los Angeles  
Mycological Society, is now available in electronic (ASCII) form.  To  
subscribe send a message with "subscribe Electronic Edition Spore Print"  
in the body of the text to spencal at>.  Your  
subscription will begin with the April 1995 issue.

As a special introductory offer, all back issues of The Spore Print since  
October of 1993 (16 in all) will be made available upon request. The  
tables of contents of the back issues will be sent with the first issue.  
Request the issues desired by month and year.  Please Note: Because of the  
efficiency of volume mailing, it may be several weeks before the back  
issues requested are sent to you.


Steven Pencall
Editor, The Spore Print

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