Growing truffles

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Tue Aug 1 04:05:46 EST 1995

Truffles aren't easy.
You need:- The right fungus, the right host, the right climate and the 
right soil. (and quite a lot of patience, they are not like field 
The experts are the French with research programmes run by INRA, close 
behind are the Italians with some research programmes. Try a search on 
G.Paccioni who was conducting expts in Italy.
The French were preparing ready infected tree seedlings for setting up 
"Truffle Nurseries". Could be probbies with importing them though.

Truffle species:
TUBER MELANOSPORUM The Perigord Truffle - this is the black one that 
everyone goes mad about (could it be all those naughty pheromones !)
TUBER MAGNATUM The white Truffle. Found in deciduous woods in northern 
Italy - close runner up to the above.
TUBER AESTIVUM the Summer Truffle - the only knd that grows in UK and 
very difficult to find even then. Our last British commercial truffle 
hunter threw the towel in decades ago (1930). This one IS edible but not 
in the same league as the other two. Was most commonly found in Beech 
woods on chalky soils.
I used to have a little more info back in the Dept and if I can find it 
I will mail you from there.
Peter Harris,
Department of Soil Science,
AKA <P.J.Harris at>

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