a few chanterelle questions

LauraL6000 laural6000 at aol.com
Sat Aug 5 19:39:23 EST 1995

FINALLY, the first chanterelles of the season! And a bumper crop at that.
I have two questions however:

I'm pretty sure they're chanterelles, based on past knowledge, all my
guide books etc. However, out of a patch of say, 80, I'd say that 6 or so
had fused stalks. I know that they're supposed to grow singly (and no, I
'm pretty sure they are not jack o' lanterns! - no separate gills, grow on
the soil, grow separately, scattered about, etc) - so are there
occasionally exceptions where two grow off the same base?

Also - do you suppose if I pulled up some of the older ones and say,
blended them with water and scattered the mixture around there's a chance
others will grow next year? Or is it better to just crumble them up and
scatter them?


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