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Sat Aug 12 02:09:05 EST 1995

Scott T Weaver <STW104 at psuvm.psu.edu> wrote:
> will garlic water (either crushed garlic or crushed garlic boiled and then
> cooled) convince the bugs to vacate with out harming the fungi?  please email
> me with any help at   stw104 at psuvm.psu.edu
> i am not interested in using sprays, but plan to use fly paper.
>    thanks in adv.
>                     scott

In addition to fly paper you might try electric bug zappers or a 
mixture of 50/50 apple cider vinegar and water with a little dish 
soap in it.  Put it in pint jars in various locations around the 
growing room.  It attracts and drowns the flies.  These get at the 
adult flies which helps some.
Good luck!

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