Oidium lactis?

Chuck Staben staben at pop.uky.edu
Mon Aug 14 18:00:39 EST 1995

I could not find Oidium lactis, but I know that Oidium was used 
as the genus name for a number of yeasts
including Candida albicans (Oidium albicans, 1853) and Trichosporon pullulans.
I guess that O. lactis was an imperfect fungus, probably an ascomycete in fact.  I
wonder whether it might have been what is now called Kluyveromyces lactis?
I would probably check Ainsworth (except our library does not have a copy I can find).
Oidium means a thin-walled cell formed by rupture through a hypha.  I guess that this
name was applied due to formation of yeast and hyphal cells by dimorphic fungi in these

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