Oidium lactis?

"David Brayford ", IMI D.BRAYFORD at cabi.org
Tue Aug 15 03:54:13 EST 1995

Oidium lactis Fres. is likely to be a synonym of Oospora lactis (Fres.) 
Sacc, which is now regarded as a synonym of Geotrichum candidum Link.  The 
teleomorph of this genus is Dipodascus Lagerheim (Dipodascaceae, 
Saccharomycetales [acc. to Dict of Fungi 8th ed]).  You might check out refs 
at Sacc. Syll. IV: 15 and Mycotaxon IV: 405 (1976).
Dave Brayford, IMI

To: mycology
Subject: Oidium lactis?
Date: 13 August 1995 11:47

Dear mycologists:

I have a German article from 1893 that mentions the cell shape of the
organism Oidium lactis to be cylindric, rounded at the ends, and of
variable length.  Please contact me if you know this organism (Is it a
bacterium or yeast?) or its current name, in case it changed.  Where could
I find more information about it?

Thanks, ---Frans

Frans Hochstenbach
fransh at Box-f.nih.gov

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