Chanterelle ID problem

David M. Stamper dstamper at
Mon Aug 14 19:55:37 EST 1995

I gathered what I think are chanterelles (Cantharellus cibarius, probably).  I 
only hope that I did not pick the scaly chanterelle (Gomphus floccus).  My 
guide (Petersons No. 34) has a note about a cottony surface on the scaly 
chanterelle, which many of the mushrooms I picked had.

This cottony surface was mostly found only those mushrooms that had some 
insect infestation in the core of the stem.   It was loose and easy to wash 
off as I was cleaning them.  Also none of the mushrooms I picked or saw had 
any scales on the surface of the cap.

The color picture in the field guide shows the scaly chanterelle as having a 
more pale (whiter) color than the top of the cap.  Is this accurate?  My 
mushrooms are uniformly "pumpkin" orange throughout.

I am certain that they are not jack-o-lanterns or other possible chanterelle 
look-alikes, but the note about the cottony surface has me a little worried.  
All other characteristics of the mushrooms indicate C. cibarius.  Also, I ate 
a small, thumbnail-sized piece with no ill effects.

Any comments?  I want to enjoy the 10 lbs I picked.


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