Oidium lactis?

lkolson1 at mmm.com lkolson1 at mmm.com
Tue Aug 15 12:35:30 EST 1995

>  I have a German article from 1893 that mentions the cell shape of the
>  organism Oidium lactis to be cylindric, rounded at the ends, and of
>  variable length.  Please contact me if you know this organism (Is it a
>  bacterium or yeast?) or its current name, in case it changed.  Where could
>  I find more information about it?

I do not have any information on Oidium lactis in particular, but

according to Ainsworth & Bisby, Oidium is a Hyphomycete.

It is parasitic on on higher plants and causes powdery mildews.

The conidia are meristem arthrospores. The variability in length

comes from the production of chains of  cylindrical conidia with rounded ends.

Hope this helps point you in the right direction.

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