When is A. campestris not A. campestris?

Barnaby Dellar bpd at dcs.ed.ac.uk
Wed Aug 16 07:36:24 EST 1995

Larry Caldwell (larryc at teleport.com)  writes:

> George Riner (griner at gar.ultranet.com) wrote:
> > Except for the habitat, I'd call it Agaricus campestris.  There isn't any 
> > lawn/grass around. Any suggestions?
> Remember your medium.  You didn't even mention which continent you
> are on.
> If I assume you are in Western Oregon or Western Washington within
> 100 miles of the coast I'd say agaricus placomyces.  There's a lot
> of agarics around here that never show up in the field guides though.

I would need to check my field guides, but over here (Scotland) there are a few
agarics that live in woodland that look and taste very similar to A. Campestris.

I can get some more details from home if you're intersted.

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