More on that alleged A. campestris

George Riner griner at
Thu Aug 17 02:58:12 EST 1995

Larry Caldwell pointed out that I need to specify my location.
I see his point, I'm a bit new to this.

	These were found in eastern Massachusetts.

I checked up on Larry's suggestion of A. placomyces, which is what I first
thought when I saw them, because of the gray-ish fine fibrils.

I picked a dozen, in various stages of maturity, and was expecting a
phenolic/iodine odor and some bruising.  But there was a complete lack
of both features.  And, the younger stages don't have quite the strong 'boxy'
look to the cap that I've seen (Arora uses the term 'marshmallow-shaped').

I'd be glad to hear from Barnaby Dillar again about his A. campestris-like
stuff that grows in the woods.  Any references you can point me to?

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