Chanterelle ID problem

Robert Huber JTHX89A at
Sat Aug 19 23:23:25 EST 1995

I've been collecting Chanterelles here in N. California for ten years and 
I have NEVER seen a Chanterelle with an insect infestation unless it was 
VERY old and not worth eating anyway.  I occassionally notice a white 
coating on the top of specimens, but it is never cottony, just white, and 
appears to be part of the mushroom.  

Western specimens virtually never have a cone-like depression in the 
center, though I understand eastern specimens do.  The Gomphus I've seen 
have a more mottled appearance, while Chanterelles are more uniform in 

I'm probably too late to be of any help, but I'd like to hear whether you 
solved your ID problem and were able to eat your catch!

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