oomycete taxonomy

Peter Herman herman at populus.slu.se
Thu Aug 24 05:24:08 EST 1995

Detlef D. Leipe (leipe at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov) wrote:
: I am looking for a current taxonomic treatment of the oomycetes.
: Most importantly I would like to have a list of valid
: species names.  Could anybody help with a literature reference,
: ftp or www site.

: All help appreciated,

:    Detlef

For the "lower" oomycetes, Sparrow's Aquatic Phycomycetes is a starting 
point.  There are good keys/treatments of Achlya (late 60s) by 
William Scott, and Saprolegnia by Roland Seymour in 1970 or 71, Nova 

If these leads aren't enough I'll e-mail my lab and have them check my 
bookshelf. (I am on sabbatical currently and havent worked much on the 
watermolds in about 3 or 4 years)


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