FW: oomycete taxonomy

"David Brayford ", IMI D.BRAYFORD at cabi.org
Thu Aug 24 04:51:25 EST 1995

From: Geoffrey Hall (IMI)
Subject: RE: oomycete taxonomy
Date: 24 August 1995 10:05

Dear Detlef

'The Straminipila', a comprehensive taxonomic treatment of the Oomycetes in 
is preparation by Dr M.W. Dick (University of Reading) and will be published 
in 1996 by CAB INTERNATIONAL.  It will contain a list of validated generic 
and some species names.  There is no list of valid species names for fungi 
in the the entire class, but lists for some genera can be found in various 
monographic treatments, Thunbergia 15 (1992: Peronospora names) and the 
Index of Fungi.  Happy searching.

Geoffrey Hall
g.hall at cabi.org
24 August 1995

To: mycology
Subject: oomycete taxonomy
Date: 23 August 1995 10:22

I am looking for a current taxonomic treatment of the oomycetes.
Most importantly I would like to have a list of valid
species names.  Could anybody help with a literature reference,
ftp or www site.

All help appreciated,


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