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Richard Winder rwinder at PFC.Forestry.CA
Thu Aug 24 13:14:11 EST 1995

                            SVIMS/VMS 2nd Annual
                               FALL FORAY 1995

                             20-23 October 1995
           B.C. Ministry of Forests Meschie Lake Research Station
                      Mesachie Lake, Vancouver Island
                          British Columbia, Canada

    	The South Vancouver Island Mycological Society and the Vancouver
    Mycological Society are pleased to announce their second joint Fall
    foray, this time in the mushroom-rich area around Cowichan Lake.  We 
    again invite members of other Pacific Northwest mycological societies, 
    or other interested mycologists, to join us.  The foray will be
    based at the Mesachie Lake Research Station, down by the water just
    outside the town of Mesachie Lake.
    	The town of Mesachie Lake is in southern Vancouver Island, on a
    south-eastern extension of Cowichan Lake.  The area has abundant
    fall-fruiting fungi, some of which are being studied by the Ministry
    of Forests.  Field trips will concentrate on the low-elevation
    coastal Douglas-fir forest around the station.
    	The station includes a bunkhouse, several detached bungalows of
    various sizes, showers, a cookhouse with a cook, and a study area. 
    Beds are all single, in dormitory style (this is a research facility,
    after all!).  Meals will be prepared by the cook.
    	*Bring your own bedding or sleeping bag, and towel.*
    	To reach the station, drive north on Highway 1 from Victoria (or
    south from Nanaimo) to Highway 18 just north of Duncan, turn west on
    Highway 18, then south on Highway 117 past the town of Lake Cowichan
    in the direction of Honeymoon Bay.  Watch for the B.C. Ministry of
    Forests sign on the right side of the road.
    registration will be frowned upon by the station's cook and may not
    be possible.  Space is limited to about 61 people, on a first-come,
    first-served basis.
    	Cost includes:
    	Friday, Oct. 20 - Dinner and overnight accomodation
    	Saturday, Oct. 21 - Breakfast, bag lunch, dinner, and accomodation
    	Sunday, Oct. 22 - Breakfast, bag lunch, dinner, and accomodation
    	Monday, Oct. 23 - Breakfast

    Cost:  $116.00 Canadian or $87.00 U.S. per person

    Please send a note with your name(s), address, and phone, along with
    a check or money order made out to the South Vancouver Island
    Mycological Society (or SVIMS), to:

    	Hannah Nadel		Tel.(604) 544-1386
    	7028 Bryrwood Court
    	Brentwood Bay, B.C.
    	CANADA  V8M 1G1

    Please indicate if you want vegetarian meals.

  RICHARD WINDER                    Title: Research Scientist
  Canadian Forest Service           Phone: (604) 363-0773
  Victoria, B.C.                    Internet: RWINDER at A1.PFC.Forestry.CA

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