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Rick Pelletier <rpellet> writes:

>"Patricio Galeas Echeverr’a" <pgaleas at> wrote:
>>Hello :
>>	Anybody knows some sites of HTTP documents about  Lichens. I like some 
>>information about this topic..
>>Thank you...
>>e-mail : pgaleas at

>	Hi, I'm would be interested in the same info.  Would you mind forwarding the
>site info to me?

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Re lichen sites,

  I don't know of many.  The following places might give some further 
links (I have not checked them recently):

International Bryological Info System gopher://
   (might have a link to bryos' ecological cousins

Smithsonian Natural History Web 3rd
   (there is a link to the lichen herbarium)

International Assoc. Lichenology Symposium announcement

hope this is helpful -- likewise relay any other sites you find.

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