Drought in Boston Area

George Riner griner at gar.ultranet.com
Tue Aug 29 16:44:45 EST 1995

The almost 3-week long lack of rain fall in the Boston area this August has 
certainly had its impact on the fungal fructifications.  Went to the Fells 
Reservation and only found leftovers from last year's polypores.  Something 
looked like a Bondarzewia berkeleyi that tried to bloom but gave up, all 
stunted and oddly formed.  Even the leaves on trees are wilting.  It was 
stunning/shocking... nothing.   No Armilaria, no Boletus, zip, nada.

This gets people to chattering about 'damage to the mycelium'.  And I wonder, 
just how damaged is the mycelium?  What does a fungus do during extended dry 
periods when the environment is too unfriendly to allow spore production?  
Does the mycelium go dormant, reviving when the environment improves?  Or does 
it actually die and one just hopes that there are sufficient spores left 
ungerminated from last season to carry through to next year?

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