Pacific NW field guides?

Bob Galvan kasplash at
Fri Dec 1 13:08:56 EST 1995

Dave Delacey  <ddelace at PEAK.ORG> wrote:

>I've been trying to ID the different fungi I've come across during the 
>past two years using the Audubon's field guide, and I haven't had much 
>success.  Lack of effort, maybe?  Is there a better guide for the area?  

The field guide that all the west coast mycological societies (and 
commercial pickers) use is _All That the Rain Promises, and More_,
by David Arora, about $20.   

Then there is the more indepth _Mushrooms Demystified_ also by Arora. 
about $30.

Most folks take "Rain" with them in their back pocket, and keep "DM" in 
the car or at home, because it weighs about 5 lbs!

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