Request for help with hyphomycete id.

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Sun Dec 3 22:47:01 EST 1995

I've got a real headache of an isolate from Carex roots gathered from 
alpine and subalpine meadows.  If you might be able to offer suggestions 
(it's not in Domsch and Gams) it has the following properties:
- clamp connections at every septa, extending about 2um from the hypha
- hypha about 1.6 - 4.5 um diameter
- cross connections frequent between hypha 30+ um apart.
- connidia found scattered about in small clusters, but no recognizeable 
conideogenous cells; conidia abo9ut1.7 - 3.6 um diameter
- culture is powdery white.
- meadow soils were likely Histisols.

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!

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