Pacific NW field guides?

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Mon Dec 4 21:22:59 EST 1995

Specifc to Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia and Western
Montana, are a set of keys produced by the Pacific Northwest Key Council. 

Pacific Northwest Key Council
1943 SE Locust Ave.
Portland, OR 97201-2250

These are keys to specific genera, and some are still in the trial stage. 
Others may not be available, as they're in the process of being updated.
However the prices are right.  The Pacific Northwest Key Council is a
non-profit organization, and produces the keys at cost.  A complete set
turn out heavier than Arora's "Mushrooms Demystified"!

I specifically recommend Ben Woo's key to Russula, which is a very
detailed treatment, and Coleman Luethy's Lactarius key.  Both are fairly
recent (more so than Arora, which is desperately in need of a new
edition), and more detailed that a more generalized guide.

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