Request for help with hyphomycete id.

Steven Carpenter microbe at PEAK.ORG
Mon Dec 4 09:08:30 EST 1995

Your description is interesting, but identification of fungi over
the internet is pretty difficult unless you can post a visual with
the short verbal description.

Dr. David Largent is a mycologist at your university, and could 
probably figure this out for you.

If not, my company will do so for a fee.

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cws1 at wrote:

: I've got a real headache of an isolate from Carex roots gathered from 
: alpine and subalpine meadows.  If you might be able to offer suggestions 
: (it's not in Domsch and Gams) it has the following properties:
: - clamp connections at every septa, extending about 2um from the hypha
: - hypha about 1.6 - 4.5 um diameter
: - cross connections frequent between hypha 30+ um apart.
: - connidia found scattered about in small clusters, but no recognizeable 
: conideogenous cells; conidia abo9ut1.7 - 3.6 um diameter
: - culture is powdery white.
: - meadow soils were likely Histisols.

: Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!

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