Infosift Anamorph

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Fri Dec 8 11:01:26 EST 1995

mspear (mspear at wrote:

> I've got the very useful database from Bryce Kendrick loaded onto my
> little HP 200 palmtop and it works very well indeed.  However, I
> notice that the older database from the same source covering mushroom
> genera does not show up as well on the screen.

> Does anyone else use these programs?  Do you know how to get Infosift
> (the database engine) to display for monochrome screens?

> Thanks in advance.

>     ---- Mark

It is a pure pleasure to sit at a microscope and pull a good key out
of your pocket.  I have all kinds of programs on my desktop that are
not much use in the lab unless I get another computer.  The
compactness and low resource overhead of these databases make them
more useable than you would expect from a non-graphic, DOS program.

Also the mushroom database goes into the field with me an my picking
basket.  Try to do that with a desktop.

Thanks Bryce.

    ---- Mark

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