Mountain Mushrooms - Regular Posting

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Mountain Mushrooms - Regular Posting

Mountain Mushrooms proudly announces it's  Internet Wild Mushroom home 
page and order system located at:

Mountain Mushrooms picks it's wild mushrooms in the pristine mountain 
ranges and forests of western Canada. Clean air, soil and good weather 
provide prime mushroom growing conditions and the highest quality 
product. Hand picked fresh mushrooms are delivered immediately to mobile 
dehydrators to be dried and packaged to preserve optimum flavour and 
quality. With a moisture content of 5-8%, all our dehydrated mushrooms 
are completely free of additives and preservatives and are packed in air 
tight containers to preserve freshness. They can be stored for up to a 
year with no loss of flavour or quality.

Mountain Mushrooms are an excellent source of many nutrients.  Long known 
for curative and 
restorative properties, these mushrooms are a healthy and delicious 
addition to any diet.

Order Direct On The Net

Distributors Welcome!

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Mountain Mushrooms
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Edmonton, AB, Canada
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