South American Field Guide

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>I would appreciate any suggestions for a good field guide for southern
>South America, preferably in English?
>Thank you.
>Ted Stampfer

I know no true field-guide (if understood as a bok with nice colour 
photographs or illustrations in a pocket format...) for this area.
May I suggest that you try the following (very good)
E.Horak -1979- Flora Criptogamica de tierra del fuego/ Tomo XI(fasc.6), 
Fungi, Basidiomycetes. Agaricales y Gasteromycetes secotioides. 524 pp. 
(in spanish!)
(an address on the book is "Funfacion para la Educacion, la Cicencia y la 
Cultura. Moreno 431, Buenos Aires, Argentina"). I don't know if it is 
still available...
Other books exist. Is this too southern ?
Regards and hope this helps !

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