phleomycin transformed strains

MANNERS, DR. John M. J.Manners at
Mon Dec 11 23:52:23 EST 1995

Hi Everyone,

We are interested in the 'horizontal transfer' of specific 
chromosomes between normally genetically incompatible fungal biotypes 
and species. We aer using specific chromosomes tagged with selectable 
marker genes (usually hygR) in donor strains and recipient strains 
tagged with phleomycin resistance. So far our work has focused on 
Colletotrichum gloeosporioides but we are now interested in trying 
other species as recipients. 

Therefore I am interested in accessing some strains of ascomycete/deuteromycete 
fungi which are transformed for resistance to phleomycin. The level 
of resistance should be higher than 10 micrograms per ml.

If anyone can help I would be very grateful. Please reply directly to 
my Email address.

thanks a lot

John Manners
John Manners
The CRC for Tropical Plant Pathology
Level 5, John Hines Building
The University of Queensland
4072, Australia
Telephone: 61-7-38703773
Facsimile: 61-7-33654771
Email: j.manners at

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