Assistantship in Mycology

Johannes Woestemeyer b5wojo at
Fri Dec 22 02:42:57 EST 1995

Hello Mycologists!

The Institute for General Microbiology and Microbe Genetics at 
Friedrich-Schiller-Universitaet Jena /Germany looks for at least one, 
possibly two assistants with some background in mycology. We will be glad 
to welcome  colleagues at the postdoctoral level  who like to look at 
fungi under organismic points of view. They must have experience in 
isolating and determining fungi from the rhizosphere and perhaps 
endophytic organisms, should be interested in secondary metabolites and 
must be open to cooperation with colleagues working in the field of 
molecular strain typing. In few words: We need scientists devoted to 
evolutionary biology of fungi with some regards to applied aspects.

Applicants will have to take an active part in our teaching 
responsibilities in microbiology.

Interested? If yes, please contact me:

Joh. Woestemeyer, b5wojo at or Fax: +49 (3641) 630321

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