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Dear mushroom fans,

For those who have been following the mushroom cultivation thread, I just 
spied the following in rec.gardens.

Subject: MUSHROOM GROWING (hobby & comm'l)
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Date: Sat, 28 Jan 95 12:25:19 PST
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Do you enjoy eating mushrooms, especially gourmet/wild ones?  Would you
like to learn how to grow them for fun, for profit(!), or ecology 
(recycling)??  Perhaps this will interest you?

You can now subscribe to FUNGUS, a free Internet mailing list
dedicated to mushroom cultivation (both hobby and commercial) and related
mycology resources.

I. Philosophical Statement about FUNGUS
FUNGUS has been designed as a vehicle for mushroom growers (both hobbyists
and professionals) and interested parties can have one more Internet access
point, for dissemination of information and for discussions relating to
the cultivation of edible and other fungi.  Conceiveable, there will be
a variety of commercial entities publicized and involved.  This is meant to
be a practical approach to cultivation.

II. Important Non-Internet Resources for the Mushroom Grower
This FREE Internet tool is IN NO WAY meant to replace/supplant other
resources.  I suggest all growers utilize this partial list of resources
<please let me know of add'l resources I should include)

There are many fine mushroom cultivation books.  In the opinion of the 
moderator, all growers should own "Growing Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms"
by Paul Stamets (c) 1993 Ten Speed Press ISBN 0-89815-608-4

MAGAZINES\NEWSLETTERS (Please tell 'em you saw it here)

Cultivated Mushroom Report, U of Toronto, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

the Mushroom Growers' Newsletter, mycoworld at, 464 Fulton St,
   Klamath Falls, OR   97601

Mushroom - the Journal, PO Box 3156, Moscow, ID  83843

Mushroom News, c/o American Mushroom Institute, 907 East Baltimore Pike,
   Kennett Square, PA   19348

Shiitake News, Forest Resource Center, Rt2 Box 156A, Lanesboro, MN  55949

These are too numerous to include now.  Hopefully, each portion of every 
catagory will be "advertised" or announced in messages to FUNGUS

III. Other Internet Sites Where Archived Messages Are Located

I have setup a GOPHERSPACE where much of this info will be stored.
Access it :

VIA WWW at gopher://

VIA Gopher  :select "users"; then "on-line access";

VIA Vernonica    search "Fungi-By-Email"

I have also set up an anonymous FTP site containing these files. In 
addition, ARCHIVED messages/textfiles will be stored in this area.

VIA FTP at in directory \users\rarnold\mushroom
IV.  How to Subscribe to FUNGUS
Send an email message to fungus-request at with this message:
SUBSCRIBE FUNGUS <your individual email address>
  B. How to Unsubscribe to FUNGUS
Send an email message to fungus-request at with this message:
UNSUBSCRIBE FUNGUS <your email address>

V.  Any questions/comments can be directed to the moderator, which is
Ralph D. Arnold.  He can be reached at rarnold at

  RICHARD WINDER                    Title: Research Scientist
  Canadian Forest Service           Phone: (604) 363-0773
  Victoria, B.C.                    Internet: RWINDER at A1.PFC.Forestry.CA

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