Honey Mushrooms are Tree killers?

John S. Watson - FSC watson at pioneer.arc.nasa.gov
Thu Feb 2 19:05:08 EST 1995


Recently the brich in front of my parents house all died,
and around them were a bunch of small muchrooms that looked like
honey mushrooms, ( Armillariella [= Armillaria] mella ).
At a friends house near here I recently found much bigger
honey mushrooms all around 3 of his tree. 

Acording to David Aura's book "Mushroom's Demystified",
honey mushrooms are parasite for which there is no cure,
and which eventually kills the host tree.

So does anyone know anymore about these guys?  Is there
anything that can be done except sit back and enjoy the mushrooms?
So, are all these trees doomed?  How long does it take to kill them?
Should trees killed by them be replaced in the same area, 
and and should we wait a while to do so?

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