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Paul Stewart (stewart at wrote:
: My sincere thanks to all who have responded so far to my inquiries into 
: mycorrhizal culture...


I didn't see the following info posted, so:  The research lab 'Station 
Champignons' at INRA-Bordeaux has pioneered this area very successfully 
for more than 15 years.  Contact Dr. J.-M. Olivier at the station, BP 81, 
33883 Villenave d'Ornon, FRANCE.  They wrote the book on Truffle culture 
and have had other successes, e.g. Lactarius spp.

You might also want to contact Dr. Makoto Ogawa of Japan, to learn about 
unsuccessful work on Matsutake.  I don't have his address at hand but 
could look it up if you e-mail me directly at rwk at

Good luck! -- Rick
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