Dr PW Crous, Plantpatologie, Tel 4796 pwc at MATIES.SUN.AC.ZA
Tue Feb 7 11:47:49 EST 1995

Does anyone know of a good paper illustrating/discussing the mode of 
conidiogenesis of the hyphomycete genera (conidial fungi) Gyrothrix Corda 
and Circinotrichum Nees.  I think several papers suggest they have 
annellations near the apices of the conidiogenous cells.  However, could 
these not be small denticles?  (I ask this because of a weird strain I have 
isolated that appears to have the latter).

On a similar note, does anyone know who erected (and where) the genus 
Vermiculariopsiella.  I suspect its Castaneda & Kendrick (its also recent).

Yours in anticipation
Pedro Crous

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