cloning from storebought

Paul Stewart stewart at
Tue Feb 7 14:30:33 EST 1995

Has anyone successfully established mycelia from grocery store shiitakes 
or oysters?  Nobody on PEI seems to have mycelia in culture (if I'm wrong 
please contact me), and so far I'm too cheap to buy spawn commercially. 
Also, I'm trying to keep it simple so as to eventually sell kits for home 
kitchens using local waste material.  I have managed to start yellow morel 
and chanterelle mycelia from spores, but don't expect to fruit them this 
century :-} . I have just put some oyster stipe inner tissue into malt yeast 
agar with poplar sawdust added...about 50 slants.  So while I'm crossing 
fingers against contamination, please let me know if anybody has tried this.

Seeking not to reinvent the wheel, just grease it...Paul

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