cloning from storebought

MZieg1234 at MZieg1234 at
Thu Feb 9 23:37:26 EST 1995

Paul- It certainly is possible to clone from storebought! My first Shitake
cultures were from the grocery and fruited just fine on sawdust substrate.
Shitakes keep well so I think your chances are better with them than Oysters.
The Oysters I find in the stores are usually slimy and ugh.  Although
obtaining cultures this way is fine you may determine later that you want to
know more about the fruiting characteristics prior to innoculating lots of
logs. Multiyear or commercial efforts are worth the few dollars it would cost
for spawn and the companies out there do all the research for you for very
little money considering.  I suppose legally the storebought can be expanded
for sale but you might need to check with a lawyer on that.  If you are just
fooling around with a few bags of sawdust-go for it!!  Mike Ziegler

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