metal uptake by fungi

Paul Stewart stewart at
Mon Feb 13 07:47:21 EST 1995

Dear Rosemary,

	In response to your request for references on heavy metal uptake,
first assume that the average water content of a fresh mushroom is 85%.  
This means that dried preparations will have about 10X the amount of 
contaminant reported for fresh.  However, most tox. data on heavy metals 
is expressed as %dry matter.  Here are a few references that may be helpful:
(refs marked by a "*" are in my files...if you can't find a copy I can 
mail you one, if you don't mind the wait!)

* Yasui, A., Tsutsumi, C., Takasaki, M., and T. Mori, 1988.  (text in 
Japanese, abstract and tables in english)  Absorption of elements from 
heavy-metals-containing culture media by oyster mushroom (P. ostreatus)
35(3):160-165. (Cu, Cd, Pb, Ge...only Cd 
was uptaken, higher in cap than stem)(Nat Food Res Inst, Min Agri, For, & 
Fish, 2-1-2, Kannondai, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki, 305, Japan)

  Strmiskova, G., Strimiska, F., and J. Dubravicky, 1992. Mineral 
composition of oyster mushroom, NAHRUNG: FOOD 36(2):210-212. (G. Strm. @ 
Slovak Tech Univ, Fac Chem Technol, Radlinskeho Ul 9, CS-81237 
Bratislava, Czechoslovakia)

 Mandic, ML, Grgic, J, Grgic, Z., and M. Seruga, 1992. The natural levels 
of aluminum, cadmium, and lead in wildlife mushrooms in Eastern Croatia, 
DEUTSCHE LEBENSMITTEL - RUNDSCHAU 88(3):76-77 (ML Mandic, Univ. Osijek, 
Fac Food Technol, YU-54000, Osijek, Yugoslavia

Hope these are of some help. There are probably more recent ones (ie-from 
countries that still exist!); try looking in Food Science and Technology 
Abstracts, or contact Leatherhead in England for a complete search 
(they're pricy though thorough!)...Paul From The Great White Northeast. 

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