Cooking Mushrooms?

Bob Galvan kasplash at
Mon Feb 13 22:54:39 EST 1995

I know of two good books on wild mushroom cookery.   

1> Wild About Mushrooms
   Cook book of the San Francisco Mycological Society
   I forget the author, (if even listed) and it is out of print,
   but I found it in my local library.     

2> A Passion for Mushrooms
   kinda guessing on the author's name here - Paolo Ciccini
   he has several other books out, Passion for Pasta, Passion for etc...

   This book is loaded with beatiful, inspiring photos of finished 
   mushroom dishes in addition to photos (some obviously staged) of wild 
   mushrooms growing in the forest.   Highly recommended.  Recipes too.
   European perspective.   Seasons will not match ours at all.

Bob Galvan
kasplash at

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