the one true organism?

Dan Ebbole dje0282 at SUMMA.TAMU.EDU
Tue Feb 14 09:53:04 EST 1995

Chuck Staben wrote: 

"P.S.  This is not a Neurospora-related question, but I have not deserted
the one true organism--as readers of previous queries have queried"

Chuck, while I realize this is humor, there are others who actually could
be offended by the "snobbishness" of the comment.  Neurospora has some
wonderful advantages and some disadvantages relative to other fungal
systems for examining various aspects of fungal biology.  I just want to
make sure that everyone understands that Neurosporologists generally have
great respect for other fungal systems.  I know Chuck feels the same way
and I'd hate for his comment to be misunderstood.  It is most distasteful
to send a message about politically correct statements regarding fungi-but
here it is.
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