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You can find bibliographical informations in some books or series: Dictionary 
of the Fungi, Genera of Hyphomycetes, Bibliography of Systematic Mycology and 
Index of Fungi.

Gyrothrix Corda and Circinotrichum Nees

  Pirozynsky, K. A.: CMI Mycol. Pap. 84: 3-27, 1962.
  Pirozynsky, K. A. & S. D. Patil: Some setose Hyphomycetes of leaf litter
     in south India. Can. J. Bot. 48: 567-581, 1970.
  Pirozynsky, K. A. & C. S. Hodges: New hyphomycetes from South Carolina. 
     Can. J. Bot. 51: 157-173, 1973.
  Cunningham, J. L.: A new Gyrothrix in culture and a key to species. 
     Mycologia 66: 122-129, 1974.

Vermiculariopsiella Bender

  Bender: Mycologia 24-42, 1932
  Nag Raj, T. R.: Vermiculariopsiella Bender, an earlier name of Oramasia 
     Urries. Mycotaxon 18: 159-163, 1983.

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