How to clone mushrooms?

Warren Rekow pub907 at IDPTV.IDBSU.EDU
Fri Feb 17 17:33:23 EST 1995

On 16 Feb 1995 Sean Cooney wrote:
>        I was hoping someone out there could explain to me how to clone 
>a mushroom or point me to some literature that would explain the process
>to me.  ....

Sean, a lab and autoclave may provide you with the the essentials for doing
tissue culture or spore germinations on agar, but making the transition
from petri dishes to fruited mushrooms is another matter.  Your first task
should be buying a copy of and studying the book "The Mushroom Cultivator"
authored by Paul Stamets & J.S. Chilton.  Paul can be reached online at the
following address:  mycomedia at  Be sure to also get the
Fungi Perfecti catalog from him.

You may also want to subscribe to the FUNGUS mail list, which is for people
interested in mushroom cultivation.  The moderator, Ralph Arnold, can be
contacted at:  rarnold at

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