My bro helped with Highlander series!

Jim Berlstein VPGH51A at
Sat Feb 18 02:55:27 EST 1995

Is it true that Duncan Macloud has a real taste for boletus edulis?
And His friend Ritche prefers Cantherellus Subalbidus?
I here rumors that Joe, the Watcher who owns the bar indulges in the 
Psilocybes a bit too freely.
And Macloud's old Girlfriend, Tess, died from eating Aminita phalloides, 
Isn't it amazing how much mycology there is in this sci-fi TV show!

Or, perhaps I'm mistaken and there is no reason why a TV show should 
come up in the mycology topic.

Could be worse, could be Lawyers advertising Credit Repair.
What can you do?

Is celluloid a good medium for growing pleurotus?

Silly Jim


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