Mo bio question: Selection of bleo resistance

Peter Margolis margolis at CMGM.STANFORD.EDU
Sun Feb 19 16:12:10 EST 1995

I'm hoping some mo bio type in this group can advise me on selection of
bleomycin resistance in Neurospora. Whenever I transform _N. crassa_ with
plasmids encoding bleomycin resistance (e.g. pAB520), I get heavy
background lawns, even though I include the drug in both top and bottom
agar, can confirm that the selection "works" (untransformed recipient is
indeed bleo sensitive), have checked the pH of the media, am following the
suggestions of the original paper on this selection. Anyone have experience
with this selection working? Thanks in advance. -Peter
P.S. Contrary to rumor, my brother did _not_ work on the set of The Highlander.

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