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RE: Ganoderma lucidum. 

At the last International Mycological Congress in August in Vancouver,
BC, a paper was presented by a group of Korean Researchers (physicians &
mycologists) who isolated a sub-fraction of a polysaccarhide of Ganoderma
lucidum, which, when exposed to HIV infected lymphocytes allowed for
prolongerd cell survival whereas those cells not exposed shortly died. 

This is particularly interesting to me because in dealing with NCI - the
positive results they have had are discarded as unapplicable due to the
size of the polysaccaharide molecules.  The prevailing belief is that
these compounds 
 can't be introduced into the cell without causing damage to
the cell wall membrane. The Korean work has isolated a  lower molecular
compound which obviously - in the case of lymphocytes - can be assimilated
and extends life of these immune cells. The testing procedure they used
was designed and approved by NCI, according to them. 

Their paper has not yet been published but will be summarized when the
proceedings are printed. 

Their path of isolation of these subfractions could easily be applied to
different Polypores.  I look forward to the results that these
subfractions and/or their combinations will have in  -in vivo-  studies in
the near future. The research in this subject is becoming much more
scientific credible as time goes on. 

Of course,  my company  has  lots of information in the forms of
and my lastest book Growing Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms is the first
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