Boletus info requested

Len A. Poli lpoli at
Mon Feb 20 11:55:10 EST 1995

Subject: Boletus info requested
From: Harlock999, harlock999 at
Date: 18 Feb 1995 20:08:32 -0500
In article <3i65mg$paj at> Harlock999,
harlock999 at writes:
>I am trying to find any information regarding Boletus edulis.  This
>includes possible innoculum sources, tips on culture, etc. etc. etc.
>Any information regarding this would be greatly appreciated.
>Harlock999 at

You might try Mr. Paul Koski at Washington High School (Geary Blvd at 32
nd Ave.) in San Francisco CA, 94100. Paul is an officer in the San
Francisco Mycology Society and has participated in forays for Boletus.

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