doing research on Ganoderma lucidium immunology paper

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>  Does any one have any information on Ganoderma alias Lingzhi, or
>Reishi.  I'm doning a Immunology paper  on it and have done medline
>search.  Im a student at a Naturopathic Medical school here in Seattle. 
>Though I know ganoderma is used for cancer in Japan I need to find studies
>that bring a western approach to it.  So far LZ-8 appears to be a isolated
>polysacchride of interest.  Any timps or leads or greatly appreciated.
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Dr. Alice W. Chen, who describes herself as Ganoderma Mushroom Specialist,
gave a presentation to the Mycological Society of Toronto (MST) on Nov.21,
1994 on "Cultivation and Biomedical Importance of~Ganoderma lucidum~.

She is *not* connected ekectronically. Write her for information:

Alice W. Chen, Ph.D.
Specialty Mushroom Consultation
1730 Penfield Road
Penfield, N.Y. 14526, USA
Tel:(716) 381-0804

Hope this helps
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