Jim Berlstein VPGH51A at
Tue Feb 21 11:43:35 EST 1995

Psilocybe cubensis SPORES are probably legal, as they contain no 
psilocybin.  If you do grow the mushrooms, however, they contain 
psilocybin, a reasonably effective hallucinogen similar to LSD.  Then you 
will be guilty of not only posession of a controled substance, but the 
manufacture of a controled substance.  Under today's draconian and 
misguided drug laws, this could subject you to jail time and the possible 
confiscation of your home, just as if you were operating a large 
methamphetamine factory.  In practice, I do not think the laws against 
possesion of psilocybin are enforced to this absurd level, yet I believe 
it is possible in theory. If all you want out of a mushroom is a good 
meal, I would reccomend some other species, preferbly one not in the 
psilocybe genus.  Best of luck.


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